The Magic Tree

There is this tree I pass everyday that I started playing with late December 2013. It has a nice shape and I took this shot. It was cool, but that blob behind it was killing it so I did this Way, better! Since then I have done many variables of this tree and there does

Marc Jaffe’s Horse Play

The Bedford/Pound Ridge Record Review September 12, 2003, by Don Heppner Horseplay takes on a new and creative meaning when Marc Jaffe, a South Salem photographer, gets involved with taking pictures of the four- legged beasts. He chases them around a paddock, daring them to come only hooves away from his nose while he maintains

Running With Horses

The Portfolio of Marc Jaffe of South Salem Written by Richard W. Stevenson The Westchester County Times January, 2005 A man who runs with horses is a rare bird indeed, but a guy who takes pictures as he runs with horses is probably unique. Marc Jaffe of South Salem does just that, and when his